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Maven AGI Apps and API

Simplifying Integration for Everyone

Maven AGI provides a powerful platform for developers to create integrations with Maven, making it easier to enhance and customize your experience.

What is a Maven App?

A Maven App is a lightweight application that runs in a serverless environment, which means you don’t have to manage any servers yourself. This environment is perfect for small integrations and customizations.

What Can You Do with Maven Apps?

Using the Maven REST APIs, developers can:

  • Add Knowledge: Automatically input information into Maven.
  • Add User Data: Seamlessly integrate user data into Maven.
  • Custom User Interfaces: Create unique surfaces where users can ask questions.
  • Custom Actions: Implement specific actions based on user interactions.
  • Custom Event Triggers: Set up automated responses to certain events.

Why Choose Serverless?

The serverless environment is ideal for:

  • Simplicity: Easy to write and deploy small integration apps.
  • Efficiency: Actions and triggers are efficiently handled in this environment.
  • LLM Friendly: Designed to be compatible with Large Language Models (LLMs), making it straightforward to code and maintain apps.

Larger Applications

For more extensive applications that aren’t suitable for a serverless environment, you can still use Maven’s platform APIs from your own servers. These applications will use standard authentication headers and an API secret obtained from the Developer Portal.

Security and Accessibility

Currently, only Maven AGI can create apps that work across different customers due to the sensitivity of platform data. However, all customers can develop apps for use within their own organization.

Open Source and Community

Maven AGI plans to make many of its apps open source, fostering a community of shared knowledge and collaboration.

Designed for Non-Engineers

Our platform is built with simplicity in mind, aiming to make serverless apps easy to code and maintain. Most apps can be initially created by a Large Language Model (LLM) and then fine-tuned by engineers. We are continually expanding our platform and providing example suites to make Maven apps accessible even to those without technical expertise.

Minimal Customization Needed

For most customers, minimal custom apps will be necessary. Maven AGI offers connectors to all major platforms, ensuring that common needs are met without extensive custom development.

For more technical information and to read the API reference docs, please visit the Developer Portal.

We hope this helps you understand how Maven AGI can simplify integration and enhance your experience. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!