The Conversations page in Maven allows users to see all conversations Maven answered or suggested a response to across all integrations.

Filtering and Sorting

Similar to the Insights dashboard, you can filter and sort the data within the Conversations page.

  • Filters / Search Filters and Search are available via the Search bar at the top of the page. (Look for the magnifying glass icon.) To apply filters/search, click into the search bar and either select a filter from the options presented in the drop down or simply begin typing your keyword for a content search. Once you’ve selected your filter category, a second drop down menu will appear to select specific filters within that category. For example, selecting the Feedback filter will allow you to then select from the various Feedback types. You may apply multiple filters. Conversations must match all supplied filters. The most commonly used filter types are Agent, Feedback, Integration, Quality, and Quality Reason
  • Date Range In the upper right corner is a drop down menu to select from either a preset or custom date range. Date ranges entered here will be applied to all widgets on the Insights page.

Additional Features

  • Export data by clicking on the export button in the upper left.
  • Click Show/Hide Columns to customize your view and include additional data within your list of conversations.

Viewing Conversation Details

Click on any conversation to view individual conversation details including Maven’s suggested answers, Knowledge articles referenced, and various other summary data associated with the conversation.

If applicable, click on the “open” icon under the Ticket column to open the conversation in your ticketing platform.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Use filters to quickly find specific conversations.
  • Customize column views to focus on relevant information.
  • Regularly review conversations for feedback and improvement opportunities.
  • Utilize date range sorting to focus on recent conversations for timely responses.
  • Double-check filter criteria to avoid missing relevant conversations.