Reviewing Individual Conversations

Viewing individual conversations within Maven is a powerful way to analyze Maven’s responses. When viewing individual conversations, you can compare Maven’s responses to human agent replies, see summary information, view feedback, and determine which Knowledge documents and Actions Maven used in its response in order to identify opportunities to further tune Maven.

  • Review Conversation Thread: The main panel on this page allows you to view the conversation thread with the customer’s messages, Maven’s suggested responses, and any human agent replies.

  • Identify Feedback: Feedback on Maven responses appears on the bottom right of the response, including thumbs up, thumbs down, or if the response was inserted. If a human agent inserted Maven’s response, an “inserted” label will appear. If the inserted label does not appear, the human agent did not insert Maven’s response. To view feedback comments, click the “view details” link on the bottom left of the response.

  • Add to Knowledge Base:

    • If Maven’s response is strong and you want to capture it for similar questions in the future, click on “Add to Knowledge Base,” and you will be prompted to add the response. Select the appropriate knowledge base, give it a title and URL if needed, and edit the content if necessary.
    • Similarly, if the human agent’s response is strong and you want to add the information provided to Maven’s Knowledge follow the same steps to add it to the knowledge base.
  • View Details of Knowledge Used: Click on “View Details” on Maven’s suggested reply to see the Knowledge documents and Actions Maven used in crafting the response. Click on the titles to view details of each knowledge document or action. Reviewing knowledge sources on individual conversations allows you to identify knowledge gaps or additions to consider adding in order to improve Maven’s responses.

  • Summary Information: Review the summary on the right-hand side for details like conversation status, agents involved, quality, sentiment, tags, language, date, response time, handle time, and more.

  • Actions Drop-down: Click “Actions” in the top right to view the conversation in Playground for further tuning or adjustments to Maven’s responses to that particular question.

Additional Considerations

  • Double-check before adding responses to the knowledge base to avoid inaccuracies.
  • Regularly review and update knowledge sources for better response accuracy.
  • Use Playground for persona tuning to enhance response effectiveness.