Training Maven

Maven quality

How to think about Maven quality

Maven is designed to answer support tickets, chat interactions and knowledge center searches with expert human quality. We thinking of a high quality support answer on three dimensions:

  1. Factually correct, complete and helpful
  2. Empathetic, personalized and with a human touch
  3. Timely

There are three drivers to Maven quality

  1. Knowledge that is uploaded to Maven to enable it to retrieve facts used to answer questions
  2. User context that enables Maven to personalize answers to be relevant to the user
  3. Personality and writing styles that matches your brand voice and writing style

Understanding quality

You can understand Maven quality in four ways

  1. Automatic self grading: Maven has a self-grading mechanism that displays how confident it is based on how much relevant information it has in knowledge.
  2. Automatic grading against human responses: Maven automatically grading historic tickets against human responses where human agent responses are available
  3. Human feedback from Co-Pilot and End-user thumbs up and down
  4. Structured Evaluations: A set of reference questions and answers is provided to Maven. Maven generates its own answers and scores itself against the reference answers. Evals can be created manually, by uploading a document of questions and answers, and by adding historic tickets into the eval set
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